Black Friday

Black Mules
Steve Madden black mules

I don’t know what it is about a new pair of shoes, but I’m probably one of the many women who is just a little obsessed with shoes. 🙂  Maybe it journeys to those “back to school” days when you couldn’t wait to wear those new pair of kicks to strut around in. Well, whatever it is, it kind of stayed with me over the years.  And honestly, I can range from classy and timeless to funky and edgy.  I have so many shoes, it’s a little embarrassing actually.  But with each new fashion season comes a new style that sometimes can literally be too amazing to ignore!  Come one girls, you know what I mean!  😉  I ordered these mules last week from Steve Madden and wore them last Friday with a pair of high waisted cropped black denim jeans and a white blouse.  Super cute and comfy! I have another pair in a pale blush as well from Free People.  If you haven’t embraced the leather mule look yet, give it a try…I think it’s one of those timeless looks that will never go out of style…well at least “Civello Style.” 😉

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