Thank you for stopping by Civello Style!  I’m truly excited to share with you my style inspirations, ideas, thoughts, and recommendations in the fashion and beauty arena.  My fashion style is mainly a mix of classy but edgy, but it really all depends on my mood mostly, and well to be even more honest, the weather too, lol.   I’m really just an average woman who has a passion for fashion and an appreciation for beauty in this world.  This site is essentially a creative outlet for that passion so I can share it with others who may want to stop by, look, and listen.  My friends and family have always complemented my style and fashion sense over the years… they have encouraged me to get something going officially for quite some time now, so better late than never I suppose.  I appreciate their love and support as I embark on this new journey.  My motto is to “always aspire to your higher self and leave a little sparkle where ever you go!”  I hope this site encourages you to do what you can to fulfill your dreams, and always create a little sparkle where ever you go each day! 🙂

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